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Finding the Best Candidiate for the Job

The ability to find the gem in the pool of qualified applicants can be challenging for any hiring manager. Westaff's sophisticated and thorough assessment program, Talent Trak®, allows us to do just that. It's a valuable, time-and-money-saving tool that zeros in on candidates with the highest potential.

Talent Trak consists of more than a dozen sets of behavioral and skills assessments (more than 550 altogether) that evaluate personality, experience and skills via an impartial, scientific method of analysis.

Assessing the Best
Westaff always assesses its potential associates, reviewing their work experience, evaluating their skills and checking their references before they ever reach your office. Our Talent Trak program takes the process several steps further with these tools:

State of the Art Methodology

Our assessments have a proven track record in providing accurate performance predictions based on the candidate's personality, history and problem-solving ability.