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Let Westaff Provide Your Staffing Business Solutions

We'll work to understand your business and the challenges you are facing. Every Westaff service begins with a complete Needs Analysis. The Needs Analysis helps us learn your top business priorities. Then, we'll provide you with the best business solutions and highest quality administrative, light industrial, engineering or light technical workers who make a real difference to your company. We'll stay on top of your priorities and continually strive to improve our service through regular quarterly reviews of every aspect of our business relationship.

Westaff offers a full array of staffing services, on and off-site, to manage yourmid-size to large-scale workforce needs. With our cutting edge recruiting, evaluating and screening tools, we can find the gem in the pool of qualified applicants - employees who will make a positive impact on your company. Among our premier business solutions is Talent Trak®, a web-based program that will help you increase your efficiencies and help you find and retain the very best employees.

Westaff thoroughly evaluates our employees to ensure a good match with your companies needs. Besides conducting personal interviews and reference checks, Talent Trak takes the process a step further with in-depth behavioral assessments and targeted skills testing. Using an impartial, scientific method, Talent Trak is a valuable and time saving tool that lets managers concentrate on the highest potential candidates. For more information, please visit our Talent Trak® page.

Temporary Staffing
Westaff's Temporary Staffing is highly flexible. We can send you one or hundreds of employees for a day, a week, a month or years. With our experience evaluating candidates and our network of resources, Westaff can find you the best employees for positions ranging from entry-level staff to mid-level managers.

Westaff provides a "try-before-you-commit" service that allows you to benefit from an employee's services while evaluating that person to see if the fit is right. After the evaluation period, if you and the employee are happy with the match, there is a no additional fee.

We can bring our administrative services directly to a client's work site. Our services include worker check-in, paycheck delivery and distribution, performance counseling and issue resolution.

On-Location® Staffing Programs
For large or multiple work site staffing needs, Westaff can provide you with a customized, On-Location plan. Our On-Location managers will shoulder the responsibilities of oversight, reporting and continuous quality improvement. With day-to-day personal oversight, we can provide managers who will maintain an optimum, flexible level of staffing for your company.

Advanced Evaluations
For sensitive positions, Westaff can conduct fee-based substance abuse analysis and advanced background screenings. A client may also request additional customized assessments to meet specific needs.

Employee Benefits
Westaff offers excellent benefits that help us retain the best, most experienced and productive workers. We are committed to paying our workers on a timely basis. We have also constructed a payroll system that allows us to respond to a worker's need for payment or a worker's payroll problem the next day when circumstances warrant. We offer medical benefits, vacation, holiday pay and many more.

Criminal Background Checks
A fee based criminal background checks can be processed at a clients request.

Place an Order
We offer temporary staffers for clerical, light industrial, engineering and technical work through out the NH Seacoast area. You can place an order by calling us, by stopping by our office or online at our corporate site.